Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 6S Bumper Case - Black Reviews

Protect your iPhone 6S with this unique black bumper with air cushioned corners from Spigen.
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This cover is absolutely brilliant!! I have dropped my phone numerous times since I got it and my phone is perfect. The design is also perfect , it shows off my beautiful phone and even my granddaughter commented on it, she said it cool!!
Pretty standard
It's a good case. I didn't realise it was coming from the UK since I purchased it from an NZ site, so I still had to pick up a $5 case at Kmart to tide me over - not heaps of difference that I can tell? The button covers are definitely better. So far so good - I think it will prove its worth if I drop it (which I hopefully won't).
That my phone would be protected delivery was great
Really sturdy and sleek
Good fit, well finished
A no-hassle case, fits easily and securely, very well finished. Buttons feel good and work well.
Very tidy & practical
The case fits really well, has a clean line to it, good protection and reasonable grip in the hand.
Excellent quality case with a perfect fit
Top quality case, durable without being too big
Smart and sturdy
Impressive case, strong and looks great
Lovely cover. Lightweight, looks great
Lovely cover. Lightweight and looks really good.. very good quality. I would buy again
This had great reviews online i know from experience spigen are good cases but this topped it off as it was a gift, its light weight smart and feels nice when holding it the bumper/ impact tech are very good and they last for a long time i would buy again
Really like the product and feel like I got a good deal.
Light weight and very nice looking
I knew what i needed to know when i bough this its smart light weight and very nice looking i got it as a gift for Christmas, and they could not be happier great value for money as they last
It is lightweight and adds protection to all sides of the phone
It matches my Rose Gold iPhone perfectly. It is lightweight and adds protection to all sides of the phone without adding too much to the size and shape.
Definitely recommend this case
This is more than I'd usually spend on a phone cover but I wanted something that would stop the back of my iPhone getting scratched while the case was on, and something that would protect it without looking cheap and clunky. This cover doesn't disappoint! It fits snugly to the phone and has a protective back to prevent scratches. It's really slim and complements the phone, while also making it easier to hold. I love this case!
Great protective case
Exactly what I was looking for! It looks good and is easily put on the phone.
Case is really good
Case is really good, I've dropped phone and it stopped it from breaking. Will order from yous again
Spigen Case
What I wanted was a bumper casing for my new work phone. They had supplied a full closing case, but I just can't get on with them and find them awkward when making or receiving calls.I ordered my new case at around 11 a.m and was promised that standard delivery would have it to me the following day. I received my new case as promised the following day, and it's just what I wanted. Thoroughly satisfied with the product and the service received by MobileFun. So much so that I am ordering a similar product for my new personal Samsung S7 edge!
Great item perfect fit
I purchase the case as my old one was not very protective. The new case is fabulous, I haven't had any problems so far. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone!
It protects well and looks great
Purchased this case recently. I have to say what a bargain. As I have the gold on the back of my I phone wanted a transparent backing. It protects well and looks great. Good value for your money. Well happy
5* Cover
Absolutely love this cover. Stylish with all the protection your phone needs.... The clear back lets to show off your phone and the rose gold edge compliments the white screen of my phone.... Would highly recommend and would definitely another.... An excellent speedy service from mobilefun :)

A very happy customer :)
Great look and protection!
This case allows you to keep the great look of the iPhone 6s whilst also keeping it protected.

It was simple to fit and requires to cleaning/maintenance. Unlike previous cases there are no issues with the case being slippy/difficult to grip.

10/10 highly recommend!
5 star
Fantastic case, phone feels secure without compromising on style, can still see the rose gold colour through it. Without the case I felt it would slip out of my hand, this solves the problem.
A perfect choice and extremely durable.
Just love this case. It goes perfect with the rose gold iphone6. A perfect choice and extremely durable.
Protective yet slim, this case is a winner.
I work in a tech shop so see so many different types of phone cases, and for the iPhone 6s + in Rose Gold I can honestly say it's one of the best cases out there. A lot of the time with clear cases you tend to find they discolour quite quickly (even without being a smoker!) but this hasn't happened so far with this case and I've been using it for a good 2 months now. As a company Spigen are very reputable, it's a decent cost for the quality you are getting and it's protective without turning the phone into a brick. I'd highly recommend this case!
Great case
Knew I needed a case to protect it but didn't want to hide my lovely new phone. This does the job perfectly and the bumper matches the rose gold perfectly. Very easy to fit aswell. On thrilled with it.
Great looking product!
This is a great case that enhances the look of the phone as well giving superb protection. Good value looks great and does the job!! Definitely would recommend!! Ten out of ten
Good quality, suits and fits phone perfectly - watch the video and follow the instructions!!
This case is so nice. I got the rose gold colour to match my 6s. It's fits perfect and feels nice to hold. The back is crystal clear. This is defo the best case if you wanna show off your beautiful iPhone. Would defo buy this case again if needed.
very good
A very nice case! Fits the phone tightly, and is easy to handle.
very good
A very nice case! Fits the phone tightly, and is easy to handle.
Recently upgraded to Apple iPhone 6s and wanted a case/cover to protect from knocks and scratches. Really pleased with the cover I bought, not only protects my phone but also shows the colour (rose gold) model, so yes I'd recommend and would return to this company for such requirements.
Practical but not very stylish
I bought this case for my rose pink iPhone 6s because of the positive reviews. The delivery was speedy. It was easy to fit but I have to say I'm not very impressed. It is practical in that it doesn't slip in your hand compared to holding the iphone without a case, but it makes the phone bulkier and is not pretty. It is easily marked - you can see every single fingerprint on the case. Not worth the price paid.
Perfect cover.
Great case for iPhone 6S
The delivery took its time but the product was well worth the wait.
Great case for iPhone 6S
The delivery took its time but the product was well worth the wait.
Great quality!!!
I brought this case as I have a iPhone 6s and wanted to protect it, this case is perfect, protects my mobiles a well as not covering up the rose gold of the phone. Great quality case, does exactly what I wanted and I can still see the phone not the case!!! It's slim and stylish
The quality is good but the design makes the case in the phone look bulky
I was disassociated with this item as paying for the price I expected a sleek iPhone case. The quality is good but the design makes the case in the phone look bulky army the sides, rather than slim and sleek. It comes out at the side wide and make my phone look like I have a pink case rather than a rose gold finish on my phone. I will not be using this case I brought from you and opted for a clear protector case that isn't noticeable on my phone. It also cost a lot less and makes my phone look good whilst still protecting the phone. Thanks
Perfect cover!
This cover is perfect for my rose coloured iPhone 6s. Any covers in the shops were coloured and I couldn't one that would show the colour of the actual phone. This cover is really sturdy and good quality but feels really smooth and sleek to hold. Love it! Good price and really quick delivery too.
Love this Spigen iPhone 6 cover. It's really good quality and the service from MobileFun was great! Thanks!
Nice case
I bought this case after reading some review. It it very well built, nice material, fits well the phone. Near the volume buttons it is a little bit larger but it is not annoying.

The phone filling is very good in hand when using the case.

I recommend.
Good, but...
I was looking for more of a bumper and less of a case. The color of the bumper, in this case, was Champaign Gold, but was not the same color as my iPhone. The case appears to fit, but it's just not what I had envisioned.
Amazing case, compliments the phone perfectly, slim so doesn't bulk out the phone. Great colour and simple design
I love it
Thank you so much for the prompt delivery of my cover. I love it. Kind Regards
June. :)
Would totally recommend, doesn't compromise the look of the phone (rose gold) but does a good job of protecting it
Love it!
Best clear case I have come across. Fits perfectly, feels and looks great. Allows me to see my beautiful Rose Gold phone while offering plenty of protection. Definitely recommend this case.
Love it!
Best clear case I have come across. Fits perfectly, feels and looks great. Allows me to see my beautiful Rose Gold phone while offering plenty of protection. Definitely recommend this case.
Protective Elegance for your 6S
Protects your iPhone 6 front and back.
Elegant, Complimentary, Robust.
A Stunning Accessory with a true Protective Purpose...
Fabulous Product
I bought an Xqisit case on purchase which broke within 2 weeks, I've never written a customer review before, but this spigen case is brilliant and beautiful. It is easy to fit, high quality, and actually adds to the look of the beautiful rose gold phone, while adding great protection.
So far so good
Haven't dropped the phone yet but seems good!
So far so good
Haven't dropped the phone yet but seems good!
Brilliant phone case
Brilliant phone case - iPhone fits snug as a bug in a rug.
No play or movement - very shock absorbent which helps when you're clumsy.
Perfectly clear back so you can still appreciate the beauty of the iPhone.
To top it all, brilliant service from the guys at Mobilefun!
Excellent quality
I am really pleased with this product, the quality is amazing it provides excellent protection on the back and sides and also the bumper over laps on screen to help stop damage if you drop your phone. I can't fault it. I would recommend a screen protector for the front screen, and that would help eliminate any scratches to the screen. Thanks Mobilefun
Good protection
Very good case protects iphone 6s very well with the raised edges at back and front, with all the ports easily accessible. The only minor gripe I would have is the protective film on either side of the clear back section is a nightmare to peel off, as it is tight against the bumper with no peel here section!

Overall very please and another great purchase from MobileFun :-)
So good i bought a second one.
Very happy with this case bumper.

Easy to put on... looks amazing on the phone... and has protected the phone on the times I've dropped it. (that's this case combined with one of the glass screen protectors)

This is the second one of these cases I've bought... just so I can rock my phone in two different colours.

Would highly recommend.
Happy as. Solid case. Cool how the torch refracts throughout the case at night.
Happy as. Solid case. Cool how the torch refracts throughout the case at night.
Great product
Great product. Excellent as the naked phone is so difficult to hold as it is slippery, especially in the cold. Definate must have.
Thought the price was too hig though for what it is. But is the price you pay for keeping up with technology.
Great product
Great product. Excellent as the naked phone is so difficult to hold as it is slippery, especially in the cold. Definate must have.
Thought the price was too hig though for what it is. But is the price you pay for keeping up with technology.
Looks good and protects!
I love this case, looks fantastic on my phone without adding bulk

the firm clear back remains unscratched despite kicking about in my bag with keys and other bits and bobs :) I've dropped my phone a couple of times on a tile floor... No problems! Rubber bumper took all the flack.
Phone fits really snug, not worried about it coming out at all (my last phone broke flying out of its cheap case first bounce on the floor)
The lip round the screen is what I was looking for, it's pronounced enough to protect the screen but not enough to irritate or collect things when you pull your phone out of a pocket or bag
Perfect for someone prone to dropping their phone occasionally:)
Good quality case
Me and my girlfriend we using this case for few weeks now really good case good nice grip in hand , true crystal clear ,perfectly fit on the phones ,good work at the lock and volume buttons. If you careless you will scratch the case like my gif
Spigen ultra does what it says on the box
I've purchased cases before that were not up to the job in hand so I was sceptical. This case however is brilliant and doesn't take away the slimness and feel of the I phone 6, I would recommend it
great product
these products are always great. I have one for my iPhone 5c and now this one for my iPhone 6.

They seem a very durable and robust design. I haven't dropped either of my phones so hopefully the cases will provide the protection the phones need should the inevitable happen one day!!!
Fab phone cover!
Great cover! Looks fab and gives a really good grip on the phone without making it bulky. Lovely shade of green and the clear back was really good as it showed off the back of the iPhone. Bought for my teenage daughter and went down a storm with her and all her mates! I want one now too! Highly recommend and very good value for money as great quality and something a bit different from the average phone cover! I give it top marks!! Love it!!
Spigen hybrid bumper case
I chose a gold I phone 6 specificly for it's lovely gold colour ( I have a thing about gold just ask my family ) so I didn't want to cover the case but I do need to protect it . I love the phone but found it quite hard to keep a grip of ( even without having partaken of alcohol) .So after a good look at all the great options available on this site I chose the Spigen bumper case as it does exactly what I need , love it recommend it .
Fantastic case
I wanted a case that didn't take away how slim the phone is this case is fantastic you can hardly tell it's on simplicity at its best!
Best hybrid case ever!
The flexible edges works best with this slim line iPhone 6. The round edges are protected with the bulk of a conventional case. The crystal clear case shows off the gold colour of my phone. Well done.
great case
This case is just what I wanted, grippy enough so I don't drop the phone & clear at the rear to show Apple icon etc.
Would have been even better if the tempered glass screen I purchased fitted under the case more snuggly - more advice on selecting screen covers would be better!
Best Clear Case!
I know the Spigen brand well and it is a reliable and professional product for my iPhone 6. The corners are round to fit the new iPhone 6 case. The only minor issue is the bluefish tint of the back. Am I supposed to peel it off? But I can't find an 'opening' to do that. Strange. Otherwise a good product.
So good my wife took it for her phone
Bought this case due to the high rating and reviews and what a great case it is. I've had a black case for my previous iPhones but these just hide the beautiful design of the iPhone. This case shows off the phone nicely without being too bulky. It protects the phone all around which is a good thing. Some cases leave the bottom partly open and the phone is then more Likely to get scratched, but not with this one.

Having the phone at work I tend to have it on silent or vibrate but then miss the occasional call or text. With the case, if you set the iPhone to flash on alerts the whole case lights up. Especially useful when used with the alarm on dark mornings.

The only downside is that my wife liked it so much (flashing case I think) that she took it for her phone and now I need to buy another.
excellent case
Excellent case. Would definitely recommend to others.
excellent case
Excellent case. Would definitely recommend to others.
Excellent case
Excellent case especially for the gold iphone 6. Very protective but still very thin.
I bought this for my daughters new iphone 6. She likes it as it is clear so you can see the colour of the phone she has. It is more expensive that other phone cases she has had and not as pretty, but she had dropped her previous phones and each time the screens had cracked. So far so good with this cover as she has dropped it a couple of times and all ok!
Best clear case that offers protection
Purchased this item based on the net reviews.
For my previous iPhone i had a really slim transparent case which was nice but didn't offer any protection. So this time i bought something more protective.
I was searching for a transparent case so that one could see the nicely designed phone thru it. the I am content with the purchase. The case is well made and fits like a glove. The soft buttons work great, just a bit hard to reach the mute switch. with my previous spine clear case i had the problem with scratching, this doesn't seem the problem here. I recommend the case to anyone but be careful if your palms sweat a lot, the case can get slippery !
Great case
With right description, and the case is thick, good to protect the phone. Would definitely recommend to others.
Spigen Ultra Hybrid Cystal Clear Iphone Case
Delighted with the case, it's exactly what I wanted - my new iphone 6 feels secure in my hand and it doesn't take away from the elegant design and silver colour. Other people have admired it as well - a great buy!
Great Cover
I bought four covers for my iPhone 6 and this is by far the best for daily use,offers good protection but still keeps the quality feel and looks great on my space grey...
Great case
Great case keeps phone really slim has good grip
Excellent - apart from!
This really is an excellent case that fits the iphone 6 perfectly and looks really good. It compliments the look of the phone and enables you to see the back too, due to it's crystal clear manufacture.
Easy to use all the buttons and the earphone socket is freely available for other makes of earphones.
Whilst I don't plan to drop the phone anytime soon. This case does look as though it will give good protection, as it covers all corners and the base area. Pleasingly, the case adds very little to the size of the phone. Which cannot be said of many similar ones out there.
Just one issue. Whilst singing it's praises, I do find that it is slippery to hold and this could lead to the phone slipping from your grasp. Would help if the sides had a grippier feel to prevent this.
Other than that, a truly well designed and built case. Not the cheapest out there. But I have tried a few others and found this to be the best and worth that little extra.
Was looking for a slimline but strong cover for iPhone 6 and this goes exactly what it says on the tin. Protects the phone but looks good too - very happy
Awesome Case
This case is a well built case that has been built around the idea of keeping you phone safe it does this because it has shockproof corners. Also the cases corners when you put the phone down this is great because it is level some cases I have had in the past for other range of phone we badly made and was not level at all so it wobble when using the phone on surface. Overall it was a great price and a amazing case for the amazing price.
Attractive & practical iPhone case...
The Spigen Ultra Hybrid case combines two features which are not typically available in protective cases, namely attractive design coupled with high durability. The case maximises the aesthetic beauty of the device, whilst also protecting its appearance.

The Spigen case should be a first choice for many iPhone owners.
Great look, great protection.
Extremely impressed with this case. I prefer a case to be as minimalistic as possible but without detracting from protection.
I spent a lot of time looking into different cases to protect my new IPhone. When you have spent £700 on a phone it needs looking after! This case is sturdy enough to do the job whilst still showing off the phone. Perfect.
Really sturdy
I bought the iPhone 6 so wanted a really great cover, which looked great and fitted great and this one does exactly that. In fact I have just dropped my phone and the bumper around the case really absorbed the shock!

Because it's crystal clear doesn't take away the iPhone 6's good looks.

A great price too. Would highly recommend :)
Great case, snug fit
I bought this for my wife's new phone. This is a very snug fitting case, the bumper element is excellent and protects the phone when laying face down. There is a cut out on the rear for the camera and flash, as the iphone 6 has a protruding lens this is now protected also.

Highly recommended if you want protection but still want the good looks of the phone to show!

Lastly, this does not add too much bulk to the phone.
Allround protection
The Ultra hybrid case is an awesome case, where it guves you full allaround support, the phone does not add too much bulk. Purchasing from Mobile fun is an experience second to none. Quality products and delivery on time.
A good all rounder!
This case feels comfortable to hold in your hand and offers plenty of grip. It fits the phone snug and has good protection around the edges. Not sure the screen would be protected if the phone fell face first. The volume and power but are not the easiest to press. I like the fact they have combined 2 different plastics for the case. Hard at the back and more flexible on the sides. Overall a very good case.
Excellent product
Good quality fits like a glove and does not make the iphone 6 bigger than IT has to be. Great product good price
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