Spigen Crystal Samsung Galaxy S7 Film Screen Protector - Three Pack Reviews

Designed to provide superb clarity and protection for the Galaxy S7. This Crystal Screen Protector for the Galaxy S7 provides a defence for your screen against scratches, bumps and knocks.
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Good so far, though tricky to apply
More information on how to apply the protector would be helpful.
Not as tough as the previous ones .....
I bought these as my previous pack of 3 screen protectors had been used up.
The new one has only been on a couple of weeks and it is now very scratched and gone a bit cloudy.
Very disappointing.
Great screen protector
I've used these before and really are very good last ages.
Excellent customer service
Ordered these covers and one was damaged when it arrived. Contacted mobile fun and they sent another complete set. Brilliant customer service.
Samsung S7 Spigen screen protector
An excellent product, perfect fit easy to apply.
Good coverage of screen
Wide enough to cover to the sides.
Very tricky to get into a straight position with only top temporary sticker. Had to try 3 times and still a speck of dust trapped!. My previous phone protector had 2 guides each side which I found better. End result ok.
Absolutely rubbish- unable to put them on for starters!
I purchased these as the rating was high but very surprised to see literatally 3 peices of film - these offer no protection against being dropped then trying to put them on the screen is near impossible even with all the stickers and things provided. Complete was of money in my opinion!!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jo

Sorry to hear you aren't happy with this screen protector. Film screen protectors are better against scratches, bumps and knocks rather than drops. For drop protection, we advise a glass screen protector. We hope this helps.
Check the contents.
Product seems ok fairly easy to fit
Make sure you check all the contents my 3 pack was in fact a 2 pack.
Really good screen protector
This product is really good value and comes complete with a screen cleaning kit. Is easy to fit and seals well at the edges of the screen.
Scratches easily and does stick well where screen curves at edges.
Great Screen Protectors
Easy to apply with the parts supplied...just nee to ensure screen is clean and dust free. Just needs patience to apply, allow 15 mins to do a good job Recommended screen protector .

Works well
The pack comes with a link to a video on how to install the protective screen - this gives a bit of a hint that it's not entirely straightforward. But I managed it and it works extremely well - no bumps or bubbles.
Looove it! Exacly wat I was looking for. Easy to install lightweight barely there but enough protection. Long lasting and 3 for the price of one! Amazing.
Great product at a great price.
Easy to apply, clear instructions, protects my screen!
Don't bother
Of all three screen protectors I received not one went on my phone properly because all of them had dirt attached to the screen protector itself. No matter how much I cleaned my phone screen there was still dirt causing
Good quality product
One of the best website in uk
2 out of 3
The glue used for the guiding stickers is quite strong, so I recommend applying them lightly to the screen - I deformed a protector on the first attempt and had to bin it. Otherwise, a good product, smudges get annoying after a couple of days, scratches are almost invisible, covers the glass bar a 1 - 2 mm gap. Sound!
Great product
Best screen cover for S7, I had a different make before, which kept peeling off at the side's. Great product.
Quality Essential protection
The Spigen LCD GS7 film crystal product is a good quality screen protector,easy to fit, you get 3 in the pack, I would have given it 5 stars, but around a milimetre around the longer edges of the film doesn't want to adhere to the surface of the phone because its slightly curved, not a major issue though if you have cover fitted,make sure you clean the surface thoroughly prior to fitting.
I have tried loads of screen protectors and this is the best yet
I have tried loads of screen protectors and this is the best yet. Easy to install and you would not even know its there once fitted. Great value too as I have 2 more to use when this one gets bashed and scrached in my pocket. :)
Good quality product
The Krystal plastic screen savers are not the cheapest I have purchased but they are very good quality, they come with one cleaning wipe which is a bit strange as there are 3 screen savers plus one plastic applicator I do like the addition of some dust removal sticky pads, always handy when that nasty bit of fluff lands on the screen just as you are preparing to put the screen saver on.
As they are quite good quality they are nice and easy to put on the phone.
its been a week and no sign of lift off
Great product
Instructions were easy to follow, if you are ordering from NZ allow at least two to two and half weeks for delivery because of the postal system.
Great touch responsiveness
I usually go for tempered glass but the latest offering have come up short, especially when it comes to touch responsiveness.
I had to go back to film protectors. And this one is great.
Love Spigen!
Could be thicker
Excellent Screen Protection
This was one of the easiest screen protectors I have ever used. I usually dread putting them on but by reading & following the instructions I applied two of these to two phone faultlessly. Very impressed!
These screen protectors were very easy to fit
these screen protectors were very easy to fit I looked at youtube to watch a video on how to put them
good product
prompt delivery
Easy to install instructions
This screen protector comes with easy to install instructions.the LCD film comes with clearly marked back and front label's also the aligning stickers make it so easy to position accurately.once installed you appreciate how crystal clear the screen protector is, it looks as if there is no screen protector on like other brands do. This is the clearist screen protector I've had yet.
Product as described
Product was as described, slight delay in delivery but i was aware of this at time of purchase. I would recommend MobileZap to anyone
Great product
Great product. Will buy again.
Galaxy screen cover
I recently bought this item for my new phone i am happy with my purchase and it does protect my phone as stated hope this is useful
Slightly award to fit but does the job
Slightly award to fit but does the job.
Excellent product and easy to apply fol.
I purchased the Spigen screen protector because of the Spigen brand. When fitting the protector, I followed the instructions precisely and found it very easy to apply. I removed all the dust and consequently there are no bubbles and it is a perfect fit. Also there is no 'rainbow effect' on the screen. I have been using it for several weeks and so far I am very happy with the product.

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