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PS4 Bluetooth Headset Dongle Reviews

The PS4 Bluetooth Headset Dongle enables you to use any Bluetooth headphones with your PS4.
  • Mobile Fun ID 54708
129,99 kr inc VAT
 3.3 stars from 17 customers

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it kinda works
i bought it for my AKGy50bt but i couldn't get it to pair up, but when i tried it with a generic brand bluetooth headset it worked, so I'm not sure whether to say it worked as i expected or not
Actually works
Looked up plenty of alternatives to get my basic bluetooth phones working with ps4, ended up with this as my first try and as per the title, this actually works. Had a few hiccups getting the usb dongle to pair with the headphones but turning phones on and off again and putting the dongle on pairing mode worked eventually every time. I don't usually write reviews but this deserves one because I was so happy to be able to use my BT phones with the console. Don't know if the attacahble microphone is any good, I have no need for it - phones work flawlessly without it.
This doesn't work. It will never connect to the headset - at least not mine (Sony MDR-XB950BT).
I contacted SuperSpot who said I should return it since it was outdated by now and doesn't work any more.

No complains about MobileFun, though. Great service.
Good product
Easy to set up, as per instructions. And has worked very well with my bluetooth headphones. Never had any troubles.
The Heal
You don't have to worry about the PlayStation not being compatible with bluetooth headphones anymore, this is the fix.
Quick service
Good customer service
Quick service
Good customer service
I like
Like it, But!
It does what it said it do, But....
The Online gamers can here you, but you can Not here them. Still a decent buy.
Spooked by reviews after my purchase was made, I contacted the company and Received Nothing More than excellent customer Service, later Received my order and was Very Pleased.
Works Perfectly
I bought this two piece device for my Turtle Beach headset that I used on my PS3. I tried to use then on my new PS4, but nothing would connect and there would be no sound. But this little gadget allows my headset to pair withit and I get full sound! The microphone piece works perfectly. Simply plug it into my controller and select the headset (freeme) in my sound options! Boom. Now I have sound and Ican communicate over my mic. I highly recommend this to anyone that doesn't want to buy a new headset and has 30 bucks.

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