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OtterBox Clear Skin Bundle iPhone SE Gel Case & Screen Protector Reviews

Keep your iPhone SE fully protected with this amazing bundle pack feature an OtterBox gel case and tempered glass screen protector. The slim and clear design shows off your SE's sleek aesthetics while it stays well guarded.
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 4.7 stars from 16 customers

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Just what I wanted for my first iphone. I'd been warned that iphone screens break easily if dropped so needed a good quality protector and am pleased with this. The case was a tight fit but looks fine now on.
Nice Case
Case is great, but the glass protector is cracked on the bottom left side. This should have been checked before sending. No way it happened in shipment. Not worth the postage to send it back!
Happy with this product.
Otterbox always does the job.
Excellent, value for money product.
Fits the phone perfectly. The glass screen is simple and easy to apply - even I managed a bubble free finish! And of course, the usual superb service from MobileFun.
Perfect protection, allows the beauty of your phone to shine through whilst being fully protected.
This case will surprise and delight
When I first received the Otter Box clear skin bundle I wasn’t convinced - but quickly realised just how good it was. The tempered glass screen is powerful but beautiful and the case deceptively protective. Highly recommended for those who want a case that means business for the everyday bumps and bruises but still wants their iPhone to look good this is the case for you.
Exactly what it says
Product as described
Perfect cover for my iPhone
Screen protector that avoids bubbles, and a cover that lets you see what flavour iPhone you've got. Handy so you can tell whose is whose!
Very pleased
Ordered 2 of these, was very pleased with them, so just received a 3rd delivered directly to my daughter in Canada - which all worked fine. Had no knowledge of cases, so went for a manufacturer I knew of and favourable reviews. I have nothing to compare them against, but found them well packaged and with instructions. They are clear, fit tightly and show the iPhone colour well. We find them very unobtrusive and give a significantly better grip to the phone. The icing on the cake is the screen protector - they call it A glass - so easy to fit - no bubbles. Does it all actually protect the phone? I am assuming not as much as the really rough duty cases, but for pockets and handbags it all seems fine to me. Only time will tell I guess......
Practical and high quality
I had an old iphone with a gel cover for many years and when I bought the new 5SE and looked for a new cover discovered Otter Box ones so bought the Clear Gel cover which came with a glass screen protector. Love the soft feel and stops the slippery feel of the phone without detracting from the appearance of the phone. Highly recommend.
Great product
Very happy with cover and screen protector, very easy to apply.
Great product
Very happy with cover and screen protector, very easy to apply.
Amazing Case
Great Case that it well made and the screen protection was so simple to install

it is really light weight and looks more expensive that you think, highly recommend the case and the company Mobile Fun
Excellent quality!!!
Great product
Snug fit , excellence protection, looks great , glass screen protector a easy install , no messing around needed
A must have
Good quality, good price
I recently bought my wife a rose-gold iPhone SE. She LOVES the colour, so she didn't want a case that would hide the colour.

I also got her the screen protector is because she keeps it loose in her purse which makes it liable to get scratched by keys, and whatever other scary things might be in there.

1: The material looks and feels great, it fits the phone perfectly, and the colour still comes through.
2: The raised lip around the edget makes it slightly less comfortable for me when typing, but she said she doesn't mind it.

I've got a $2 case on my iPhone 5, which is a hard plastic and slightly recesed around the edges of the phone, so you only touch glass, so typing on her phone with this rubber lip around the edge, I found to be a bit uncomforable, but like I said, her small fingers don't seem to be bothered by it.

Bottom line is, my wife is happy, her phone is protected with Otterbox quality and it didn't cost anywhere near what an official Apple case would have cost with half the protection.

My phone cover arrived in a timely manner and looked as described. It was easy to fit and looks great which is as important to us girls as the quality. I thought it was excellent value for money.

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