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Olixar Triple USB Super Fast Car Charger - 5.2 Amp Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge 3 USB devices at the same time with the Olixar Triple USB Super Fast Car Charger with Intelligent Charging. This must have car charging accessory will charge your smartphone, tablet and another device simultaneously.
  • Mobile Fun ID 48753
132,49 kr inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 109 customers

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Sits well in either the cigarette lighter or the in car power socket. Ideal for charging two phones on the road and having a spare for the Grand kids iPad.
VERYgood product
Good charger charges very quick
Good fast charge
Quick delivery
Very impressive piece of kit
Perfect charger for peanuts
I was looking for a powerful car charger with more than one USB outlet for some while. This is the one actually I was looking for. It does it's job perfectly and it doesn't cost a fortune.
Brilliant! Great buy
Brilliant! I was sceptical, but does actually charge quickly in the car.
Just the job
I already have a phone charger on my mobility scooter from Mobile Fun and needed another for my car. This one fitted my requirements perfectly.
This fast charging car adapter is perfect..great finish
perfect charging for My iphone 7plus and samsung s8 Plus..
This fast charging car adapter is perfect..great finish
perfect charging for My iphone 7plus and samsung s8 Plus..
Useful Product.
I am able to charge my IPad Pro, IPhone 7 plus & my wife's IPhone 6 without any problem
Excellent piece of kit! Highly recommended.
I have intended to purchase an in-car charging plug for my car for years. I decided to buy one recently and it is brilliant! It can charge up to 3 devices at any one time. In this day and age such a device is perfect for charging phone, tablet and wireless speaker on a long trip heading for a weekend break!
Awesome piece of kit
This item is great for me as when we are all in the car together , there is no arguments over whose phone needs charging first.
There are three sockets and it recharges your phone in no time.
Compact Multi port car charger
The power in this little car charger is that the 3 ports make it very adaptable with a number of devices able to be charging at once.
Excellent Product
A Very Good Product,, Sturdy,
Great product, fast delivery, resonable price
I have order this charger, it comes next day and try it on it woks perfectly
The Peacemaker
I bought this to stop the constant bickering from the back seat of my Prado. When we go camping my girls like to bring everything electronic and use it on the way, which invariably means there not enough USB outlets to satiate their power needs. I bought this in the hope that it not only gives them what they need but gives my wife and I some peace along the way. I've tested it and it works great so hopefully should be no problems on the next trip in October.
Great device. Love the way it looks and fits. Build quality good and works perfectly fast charging my HP Elite X3 and our 950xl.
Works great
It does what it's supposed to do
Excellent product
The car charger is very good charging whilst i playback music in the car.
Fast charging port is excellent
Very pleased so far
So far so good
I bought 2 of these, one for the car and one for my boat. The ever expanding need to charge different devices means the need for more power outlets. So far I have only used the one bought for the car and, as still very new, has only been used a couple of times. It fits the car "cigarette Lighter" outlet well and has charged the SATNAV and phone satisfactorily at the same time so "does what it says on the tin". One star down only as I have not used it to charge 3 devices at once and can't vouch for it's durability. Second unit still unpacked. Seems well made and durable.
Great Gadget
Such a usefull in car gadget that can charge 3 devices at the same time, Excellent service/delivery too.
An excellent device made for people on the go
This super Fast Triple charger is ideal for those who rely on multiple devices to keep in constant touch with their office or clients.

The quality is superb and I have certainly not been disappointed. The price is less than I first expected and without doubt it is money well spent
Nifty Three Way USB Car Charger
Wonderful little gadget that means my wife can charge three of her items at once so makes for a hassle free long journey - so iPad, smartphone and wi-if internet provider all keep going to her satisfaction and she remains in contact with whoever while we are on the go - sheer delight and what a boon. Am I grateful to mobilefun in avoiding her devices going down and the frustration that causes - I sure am!!! So folks a really good buy at a good price, hence well recommended, especially if you want a quiet life and a relaxing drive.
Does the job very well
Bought this olixar car charger to replace a cheap one that didn't work properly,a classic case of you pay for what you get. Consequently I decided to visit mobile fun, found this olixar triple charger. It's well built, blue light appears when being used and does the job perfectly. A definite recommend.
Great little unit that really powers up the devices
Great little unit that really powers up the devices. Even on a quick 10 minute charge it really makes a difference.
Happy with product and would recommend
not very good
from my experience save you're money..i honestly dont know how they can call this a super fast charger because its anything but super fast its not even fast in fact its sloooow. i bought this for my job as a driver as i have a few different things to charge such as sat nav phone ipod etc.. it doesn't fast charge any of my devices. i bought a Samsung dual car charger for half the price and it charges in no time at all..all my devices have fast charge capability all my leads are original manufacturer ones so all i can assume is this item is just not worth any where near what i was charged for it.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. Sounds like there may be a fault, so can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.
This is a must have for anybody on the move...neat, tidy little unit. Have only used it on a few occasions but it's fast and reliable.
I have found it very good at charging my phone quickly
I have just recently bought this product so do not have enough experience of using it. But in the short space of time I have found it very good at charging my phone quickly. The fact that their are three ports means three phones can be potentially charged at the same time, though I have not tried charging more than one phone yet.
Great product
Very neat product that works well with our two phones
triple usb car charger
This is a great wee gadget. I can't imagine ever needing 3 ports, but certainly 2 - for phone and iPad, so no running down of the batteries when using as a sat-nav and listening to musi while driving. It's neat, so stows easly even in a small space inside the car, and no curly leads to get tangled up. Just keep a usb cable in the glove box and plug in when necessary
Excellent product
Excellent charger for 12v car socket
Compact design used today to effortlessly charge 2 phones so I'm sure 3 wouldn't be any different.
Excellent value, quality you'd expect from Olixar, would highly recommend
If you have more than 2 devices in your car to charge at the same time this is the product you need
Early days but it seems to charge in my car very well. Very neat and looks good. If you have more than 2 devices in your car to charge at the same time this is the product you need.
3 in 1 charger
When the family is out in the car, there is always someone running out of power and we all need the charger. Now we can ALL use this great accessory. What more can I say
Gadget Charger
In a nutshell it does what it say on the tin. I use an iPad & IPhone for work and constantly needs topping, with this device I can charge both while in the car travelling too and throw. It easily charges both devices at the same time, but most impressed with the time it saves to charge the iPad as this takes an eternity using the standard Apple charger. I have since purchased another fast charger for use in the house and this is equally as good. Very impressed with the service I have received from Mobilefun and will be using them again
I like this charger, it's great I can charge 3 device at the same.
Excellent product
When the gang went out pokemon hunting, we all needed to ensure we had fully charged phones. The Olixar super fast car charger did exactly what we needed. Fully charged 3 phones within a short time. It was then used to charge batteries for even longer use.
100% recommended for any phone, pad, tablet & battery.
Was so good I ordered another 2, one for my Wifes car, & one for my Sons.
Good but annoyed
On the picture it showed writing next to the USB slots so I could see the amps for each port but the device has no writing so I don't know which port is a slow charge or which port is a fast charge.
Other then that I moved back to my TomTom device which has fast charge written on the fast ports.
MobileFun Reply

This car charger uses Intelligent Charging, so you can use any of the ports and achieve very fast charging rates without having to select a specific port.

Hope this helps.
Good product
Brought this as a replacement as the one I had did not connect properly and was slow at charging, massive difference tighter fit and quicker charge,very pleased.
Not sure
Before buying it I read the information about the product and ech slot has it's own charging speed.
Now that I am using it I have no idea which slot is what as there is no marks on the device indicating which is what.
MobileFun Reply

The good news is you don't have to worry about which port you use. The car charger will intelligently understand which device you are connecting to one of its USB ports to provide the appropriate amount of power, so there are no need for labels.
This gizmo is brilliant
I bought this item to run multiple items in the car and it works brilliantly, it does not get even warm when you plug multiple items into it and I would highly recommend it.
Looks great! Works great!
Futuristic looking and works great! NOW I can have my mobile on the charger in the car and still talk hands-free using the controls on the RAV4s (2016) steering wheel and not break the law. Recommended.
Good quality product, low interference
Having had several different chargers, some from supposedly reputable brands, we are delighted with the on as it works, is well built and crucially the RF noise (radio interference) is very low on FM
all items i have had from you
all the items i have purchased from you have been right for the job and the descriptoins of them good .delivery first class .in future should i require similar items i know where to come,i may need to get a bigger car to put them in.... Brian
This USB Car Charger is an improved version of a similar item previously purchased. This charger is faster, and retains better contact in the cigar lighter.
Affordability, is it compact, is it better than previous model. Does it sit better in the cigar lighter.
Awesome product
Works just as expected!!
Excellent as usual
Excellent service as usual from Mobile Fun and product was exactly as described. Fast delivery and excellent service. I have bought a couple of items recently and this company is one I have not had to complain about ever. Keep up the great work and great products.
A Wee Gem
While I have tried a number of different chargers in the past, I just need certain electrical items charges up quickly. I guess we all do. If you feel the same this triple socket charger does the job while you're on your way. I love it and would highly recommend it to others.
Product appears to be well designed and manufactured
Product appears to be well designed and manufactured. Good packaging with features easily shown. Works well.
Excellent product, great price and service
I am very impressed with the Charger
I am very impressed with the Charger. It works great and looks great, not like most Chargers.
I'm really pleased with it
Couldn't find this item in any shops or market.its for in a taxi so is used non stop . I'm really pleased with it . excellent service from mobilefun.
very good
This charge is really fast.
Works as advertised
Simple, compact, 3 ports including high current.
Great for fast charge devices!
Nice sleek design, great for fast charging, would recommend, also fast delivery A+++++
Great charge rate
Great charging speed(s), just need to make sure it is pushed all the way in as it can wriggle loose.
Super fast
charges super fast, used to be a battle with our son who is always wanting to plug in when we are, now it's not a problem, we can all be plugged in.
Excellent product
Good package .included essential items,i primarily purchased this package forward the quick car charger and it works great. Charges my phone super fast.
Really good car charger. Very effective for mobile phones but not yet tried with a tablet
Better than expected
Had a few bad experiences with car usb chargers so was pleasantly suprised when on a road trip to austria from the uk it worked with my phone a charger for walkie talkies and my other halfs phone too! Great item
works great -just what I needed
like the labeled ports
Neatest and fastest in car charger I have owned
With several previous car chargers from various suppliers failing to work and of poor quality, I was extremely dubious about the claims for the Olixar unit. However, having purchased other products over the years from Mobile Fun all of excellent quality and performance, I decided to go ahead, but first I sought confirmation of its suitability for my car. I received a quick reply which gave me total confidence in the product. I use it almost daily and I am surprised how quickly it charges. I strongly recommend this product. Well done again Mobile Fun!
Does everything they said it would.
I have had a few usb chargers as I work as a container lifter driver. My truck is 24 volts and getting a good usb charger to work is rare. But their olixar actually works no problem at all. I charge my iphone6S, my iPad, and my cape cigarette all at the same time. I also like the sleek design. But the led power indicater could have been made a little brighter as unless you have dull weather, you cant see the light.
So Far So Good, a very useful accessory.
I was actually looking for a double fast charger when I saw this triple charger at a similar price so I ordered it straight away, It came the next day! I have tried it with two Samsung mobile phones and an in-car video camera, it seems to handle that load with ease.
If it has one fault it would be that with the movement of the car the charger can sometimes rise up slightly and disconnect. It only needs a light push to reconnect.
So Far So Good
I have had this charger for about.a week now, It seems to charge 2 Samsung phones and an in car video recorder quite happily. I have given it 4 stars only because of the short time I have had to test it.
awesomely quick
I would recommend this to anyone who wants to charge there phones tablets Tom Tom this is as quick as it gets. Very fast and in my view quicker than most car chargers and home chargers out there
Excellent features
I just bought this item for second time coz i had one and was taken away at the car dealer
Brilliant little gadget
Used it while travelling in the car and the kids were playing continuously with my Samsung Smartphone. It must have done a good job, since it charged to 100% despite being in heavy use while charging. Fitted our ciragette socket well (Subary Forester).
Brilliant little gadget
Used it while travelling in the car and the kids were playing continuously with my Samsung Smartphone. It must have done a good job, since it charged to 100% despite being in heavy use while charging. Fitted our ciragette socket well (Subary Forester).
Works as advertised
Arrived quickly, works as advertised just make sure you have 2.4Amp USB cable though.
Works as advertised
Arrived quickly, works as advertised just make sure you have 2.4Amp USB cable though.
fast charge for all devices
fits into car okay and charges fast recommended
Looks great
Looks great not tried it for charging yet but I am sure it will be OK.
This quite happily charges my iPad Air,iPod and powers my TomTom at the same time.Good Buy.
Happy with the product
The Charger works as expected only short coming was no cable supplied. Since it was a specific request for a Samsung S6 in car charger I think the cable could be bundled.
Happy with the product
The Charger works as expected only short coming was no cable supplied. Since it was a specific request for a Samsung S6 in car charger I think the cable could be bundled.
good construction but ............
Seems well made, well on the outside anyway, but does need a lot a fiddling around in the cigarette lighter to get it to work and maintain a good connection. I have tried it in all three of the power outlets in my vehicle. Also there is no indication as to which USB slot is the one with the greater output.
MobileFun Reply
Hi David

Sounds like you may have a faulty item there David. Please contact our Customer Services team for assistance as you may need a replacement.

We believe the single port below the indicator light is the 1A output while the two next to each oth
Peace reigns
Three kids in the back seat going on holiday: the chargers!
I wish I'd had this last year...
Must have been designed by Woman! A single item that multi-tasks effectively.
I can now charge my phone and iPad at the same time as running my sat nav. No more juggling on those long journeys. Bliss!
I can now charge not only my mobile on long car journeys but also - at the same time - my iPad and my Kindle! I haven't checked to see if I have the relevant cable but its possible I could also charge my sat nav also if removing one of the other devices ...3 at once though - why has this taken so long to arrive - juggling and pre-planning over.
Triple usb
Mobile Fun, excellent. Super fast delivery. Have been using mobile fun are quiet a while now. Great products.
The triple USB is brill. Small and tidy, works well in my car (Skoda Fabia)
triple charger
I received the charger very promptly and was surprised how good the quality was its very sturdy and well built. I will buy again off this company.
Charging device
I found the device very neat and unobtrusive. It did mean I had to buy new leads for my devices, sat nav, mobile phone and Kindle. However I did know this when I ordered. As I say very neat
Sleek design triple usb car charger
Love the design, it's very sleek! It not getting blocking with control of dashboard. Also easy to plug in 3 usb! Also fast charging. I recommend.
Flipping brilliant charger
So glad I got this charger I'm a deliverey driver and need sat Nav phone and cool box to do my deliveries .
This charger has made my job so much easier thank you soooo much .if your thinking of buying one don't hesitate get it ..
the charging capability
It would be helpful if it would charge my Tom Tom sat nav. The connection isn't compatible
Olixar Triple USB Super Fast Car Charger - 5.2 Amp - As advertised
A neat charger which works well with phone, SatNav and tablet. It would have been useful if the usb ports (2 x 2.1 amp and 1 x 1 amp had been marked with the output on the device or indicated on the packaging. As they are not marked it is a bit of a guessing game as to what to plug where, I must take the time to find out which is which.
Great product - prompt delivery - Excellent

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