Olixar Sentinel Huawei P20 Pro Case and Glass Screen Protector Reviews

Flexible rugged casing with a premium matte finish non-slip carbon fibre and brushed metal design, the Olixar Sentinel case in black keeps your Huawei P20 Pro protected from 360 degrees with the added bonus of a tempered glass screen protector.
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Good customer service
I had an issue with the product - it arrived damaged. I spoke to customer service and it was replaced immediately. The product works as stated.
A great Case!
This case fits perfectly and works perfectly. The phone remains safe and clean and all functions are fully usable with the case in place.
Not bad but with a small issue
The case is ok, it does what it's meant to do without being expensive and overly fancy. The tempered glass screen protector was easy to fit but it kept lifting off slightly, making any use of the screen, especially close to the edges, almost impossible unless I took the phone from the case and pressed it back down. This annoyed me so much that I decided to order the much more expensive Panzerglass protector, which I haven't fitted yet because for some reason, this protector has decided to play ball and is now practically perfect.
I can only really give this 3 stars because of this slight issue but it could be 4 if I was feeling generous!
All in all, not bad, just be aware of the possibility of it not sticking properly and to stick with it for a few days, keep pressing it down round the edges,before you chuck your toys out of the pram, like I did and order another protector.
A really classy looking case which does the job, much tougher than it looks. Well worth the monkey
Glass protector lifting at the edges.
The case is fine with anti slip grip and comfortable to hold but after following the instructions to the letter the glass screen is starting to lift at several points.
This makes certain parts of the screen need more finger pressure to operate.
rear case is very good
iv only given 3 stars cos of the rear case the screen protector only lasted a day before it started coming away from the screen and will have to look for a new one
Good case. Awful screen protector.
The phone case bought separately might not be a bad buy. It looks good, is easy to grip and feels like it should give some protection.

The screen protector lasted less than a week.

Within a few days the scratch resistant layer on top of the tempered glass had started to peel. In a few days more the tempered glass was cracked. I like Olixar cases and will probably buy more. I won't buy another screen protector from them.
Was looking for a sturdy cover and screen protector and to be fair this looked good and felt good when I had it on my phone but within a couple of days the screen protector broke when it was in my pocket (there was nothing else in my coat pocket for it to bump against either). Extremely disappointed in it.
Good Quality case and glass protector
The case offers good protection, I like the way the volume and power buttons are covered, the glass protector fits perfectly edge to edge.
A good slender usable case
Nothing, the item listing was very comprehensive and told you exactly what you were getting.
Good price
Its a quality product for good price. I know delivery time is a bit hassle due to International courier, otherwise its worth the money.

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