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Official Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge Wireless Fast Charge Pad - Black Reviews

Wirelessly charge your Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge with Wireless Fast Charge technology using this official Samsung Qi Wireless Charging Pad in black, featuring intelligent circuit protection.
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 4.6 stars from 56 customers

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Much better than some reviews suggest
I was forced into considering this as the charging port on my S7 had developed a fault. Some reviews on other sites (notably Amazon) suggested that there are counterfeit Samsung chargers being supplied by some dealers that do not work well and are much lighter than the official product - this was one reason I purchased it from mobilefun. The product I received was the genuine article and works perfectly, charging just as fast as the wired charger. I had the charging port changed under warranty but continue to use the wireless charger at home for the convenience. You do still need your Samsung fast charger and cable that comes with your phone though as this is not included with the wireless charger.
Good Charger, but has a few flaws
Good points, it does what you'd expect, fast charging by dropping the phone onto it. Plus a good rubber base to stop it sliding across the surface.
Bad points, I decided I would get one of these to use on my bed-side table/locker. 2 problems with that, #1 was the bright blue LED when charging / Green when done. #2 was the sound of the cooling fan. Both not good for bed-time.
Another thing it could do with is an on-board switch to power it off, so you still need to access the socket to shut it off.
I moved it to the kitchen, works fine there.
There's a market for a wall socket, plug-in wireless charger like this with a cradle that you could just drop the phone into! It would save kitchen counter-top space and the excess cable.
Efficient charger
Convenient and well made charger. Finally, no need to fiddle with cables.
good but to slow - expected a fast wireless charger
I said what I meant.
Failed to charge phone with cover on phone otherwise worked OK.
Fast, easy access
It was right on time
Have this on my bedside locker and it looks very well. Great to be able to just sit the phone on top with my Samsung cover on and it and mess around with usb. Highly recommend. Using it with a Samsung fast charger. Just to note there is no lead supplied with this item just the base station
Love it
fast delivery, work great though sometime it doesn't charge fast
Works well with the s8 very pleased with it
If you want a cheaper one for your s8 this one charges the same as the more expensive one works great looks good love the LED light only thing to note is at least for the s8 I gets the phone warm and the wirless charger
Works and works well
Works and works well but only 4 stars because for the money Samsung should include a connecting lead.
Convenient but not that quick
The product came very quickly and works well. It is very convenient just to drop your phone on for a quick charge and I think in the long term it will save damage to your phone from plugging the cables in and out. Once or twice it has failed to charge at all and I think it is slower than plugging in but overall I like it and it was a fair price.
I think this charger is worth its weight in gold. How convenient and cool it is. And the charging times are so fast. I wish I had known about this ages ago - buy one as you will not regret it! MobileZap prices were great and delivery super fast! I feel like a child with a Xmas present! Yipee!!!
Excellent quality
This is a wireless fast charger and it does charge the phone fast when using the fast charger supplied with the phone.
The fan is very , very quiet.
Beautifully manufactured product.
The phone needs to be laid on the wieless charger in a particular way in order to charge the phone.If this requirement is not fulfilled the phone does not charge.
I highly recommend this product.
compact, curved and perfectly formed
This small device is compact but effective. The rate of charging is indeed fast.I have not been aware of fan noise and the LED light does not irritate me during overnight charging in my bedroom.
One does need to be aware of positioning one's phone on the charger since in some positions it will not charge.
I have an S view phone case on my Galaxy S7 Edge but the fast charging works perfectly.
Please note that one still needs to use the fast charging charger supplied with the phone in order to use the wireless charger.
This wireless charger was sent promply by Mobilefun and arrived very well packaged. I would certainly recommend this Samsung Wireless fast charging product and the seller.
Charging through a leather case needs some DIY
I have used the top quality Noreve leather cases for my mobiles for years and obviously don't want to have to remove the phone every night when charging. Out of the box, the Samsung charger does not work with this case; however a simple modification enables it to work correctly. Although it is not obvious from the picture, the top consists of a convex clear plastic plate with a grey rubber washer stuck to it, and this covers a thin black plastic sheet with the printing on it. Peel off the grey washer and you will see 4 tiny screws which can be removed to allow the disc to be lifted off. As the removed clear plate is about 5mm thick, your phone will now be 5mm closer to the charging coil. For safety, you could use superglue to attach the thin black plastic sheet to the main body of the charger; otherwise, the charging coil would be accessible.
With this modification, the charger works perfectly, but I have deducted one star as Samsung could have designed the charger with a removable top plate.
Well worth the money - to save having to plug in the phone each time for charging
Can you use the normal USB lead with this fast wireless charger? (as it doesn't come with a lead).

The one that came with the S7 Edge phone is marked as fast charging whereas the older one that I had for an S5 looks the same but the wire is a bit smaller.
This charger works really well
This charger works really well service was excellent and fast delivery well done
Not a fast charger
Whilst the video on Mobile Fun's website shows the device takes 60 minutes to charge from 56% to 100%. I have found, after testing it 4 times, that it takes 3.5 hours to charge from 20% to 100% If it charged at the same rate as the one in the video it should have taken 109 minutes and not 210.
MobileFun Reply
This is a fast Wireless charger, as named by Samsung themselves, not a fast charger by Adaptive or Qualcomm Quick charge standards. Therefore you must consider it relative to regular Qi charging which is around 0.8 - 1A. This charger is roughly half again as fast, there for around 3-4 hours is reasonable for an S7 Edge.

Consider what charger you are using to power the pad, also if there are any apps running in the background that may increase charging time.

Also, a typical phone battery does not charge at the same rate from 0-100%. It will be faster to 60% and then slow to keep the battery cooler. The phone will control its own power intake and rate of charge.
I love how i can now charge my s7edge wirelessly so no worn out cable anymore. And the price is right.
Samsung wirelss charger
I thought, from a You Tube demo that this thing was supposed to charge completely in 60 minutes. It took mine several hours to charge from 20to 100%
Works well
Wireless charger does everything it says, and looks great too. No need to fiddle round plugging phone in, just place on charger. Too easy!
Good product
Am feeling only meh with the fast charger, I feel it is a bit of a gimmick because it has to be plugged into the wall socket anyway, why not just plug the phone direct onto the fast charger that already comes with the samsung galaxy phones. it works based on the wireless contact via the nfc with the pad - but if you move or dislodge the phone, it stops charging. and if you have a phone casing on, it doesnt charge fast at all.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Nico

Wireless charging can work through a case, as long as it isn't a particularly thick one such as the most protective cases on offer.
This charger is a must. I dont get some people saging it has to be positioned right before it will work, i drop my phone on and away it goes. Charges quickly for saying its wireless and the service from mobile fun was superb.
Top quality, sleek design and Effortless to use
Looking for a sleek desktop charger for my new Galaxy S7. Having considered all options, opted for the official Samsung model. Wow. High quality, sleek design, sits nicely on my desk and chargers the phone fully from flat within the hour. So much easier than cables in an out. Added to the rapid delivery from Mobile Fun, I cannot recommend the Fast Charge Pad or Mobile Fun highly enough. Thank you.
Samsung Fast Charger
Product arrived on time, and very simple to use. Just have to position the phone properly onto the unit for the system to work
Great product, and so easy to use
Absolutely the best buy every. Great product, and so easy to use. A little noisy in the fan, but if you know this, then you put it where that's not a problem. MobileZap were also very quick and easy to deal with too. Great work people.
compact unit and works well
When the unit arrived, I was surprised at how small/compact the unit is. After a little looking at it, I was able to get the fast charging working with the cover on as well, you just have to position the phone correctly on top of the unit for it to work.
Samsung Fast charger that is fast.
The charger is faster and better than I thought.
Charges the Galaxy S7 in just over an hour from flat.
Delivery was faster than they stated.

I'm coming back to Mobile fun any time.
Super convenient
Loving not having a cord to plug into and pull out of my phone constantly. Phone starts charging immediately once it hits the pad and the charger looks great sitting on a desk.

Only gripe is there is an always-on light on the charging pad which is annoying for bedside table use at night.
Excellent help prompt delivery loads better than I had expected.
Mobilefun anytime.
Excellent help prompt delivery loads better than I had expected.
Mobilefun anytime.
Great wireless charger, just drop the phone on the pad and away you go, no fumbling with plug and it also works with the phone cover on.
I cannot not get over how great this charger is
I cannot not get over how great this charger is, it sits on the side and you just lay your phone on top and it does what it says so quick to pick your phone up if in a rush, just love it.
Great item
Great item, very handy not to plug in your phone every time and also when you need to pick it up and put it down all the time with phone calls. Just wish it came with a charger for that price
Does what it's supposed to, however
In fast charge mode there is a (pretty quiet) fan that comes on at times which can be disabled if you choose not to use wireless fast charge but that seems to miss the point.
But if you're a light sleeper you might want to bear that in mind.
Life just gets easier
Brilliant for lazy people who cant be bothered to plug a lead in.
Works through phone case too.
Great for answering you phone whilst charging, removes the cricked neck scenario of a charging lead
Over all,its all right gadget
Over all,its all right gadget,especially after discount,but it's just another thing you will stop using in a while as clutters your night lamp stand too much..if it only was a wireless charger I would have given it a 5.
Just love it
My son is upset when he seen mine with my phone on as he does not understand how it works but its great just to have sitting in one place then just slip your phone on, no wires into phone just quick, easy, handy. just love it.
fast charge pad
real handy device , takes the pain out of charging
Not as quick as I thought
It doesn't charge as fast as I thought it would. Seems slower than with the charge cord. I do like the whole not having to plug in though
This item is extremely convenient, both in its use and its effectiveness
This item is extremely convenient, both in its use and its effectiveness. There is a great benefit in not having to plug in a charger each time you want a charge, whether full or partial. And the charging is relatively fast, compared to traditional charging cables. As an added bonus, the item has a no stick pad that prevents the device from slipping off. At this price, the item is highly recommended.
This is a neat device. Charged my Samsung Glaxay S7 Edge in just over an hour from nearly empty to full, plus the wireless charging pad's LED changes from blue (charging) to green (full). The neat this is, you can leave it plugged in and whenever you need to charge your phone, just place it on the charging pad. I would recommened this wireless charging pad to everyone.
Works Perfectly!
I was a little skeptical after reading several reviews about the Samsung Fast Wireless Charger. Most reviews said it worked great except that you have to position the phone just right in order for the wireless charge to work. In my experience using this wireless charger with the S7 Edge.. it works perfectly! You DON'T have to be exact in positioning the phone by any means. As long as you set the phone generally in the middle of the charger it works everytime. The only complaint I have is if you keep this charger next to your bed like I do..the LED charging indicator light can be a little bright at night. Best solution for that is to not charge over night. Other than that I love this product. Extremely handy..charges super fast. I can't speak about how well other phones work with this charger but as far as my experience charging with the Samsung S7 Edge..I am very happy with it and highly recommend!
Who needs USB C
God send device. I've tried using wireless charge pads before and they can be literally hit and miss. If you do not hit the sweet spot and the correct angle then it either does not charge or even worse keeps pinging. This drops on easily with a satisfying ping and shows its charging with a bubble of charge status... and no USB cable required
great Charger
Great product workes very well and is very good quality. So easy to use and veey practicle.
Easy to use, the blue charging led turns green when fully charged. Fast charging. Works great with the S-View cover.
Easy to use, the blue charging led turns green when fully charged. Fast charging. Works great with the S-View cover.
Lovely charger
I love this charger just keep the phone on the pad and it's charging! Like it especially at night no more fiddling with charger and getting the pin the right way.. it's really nice.!
Samsung wireless charger AMAZING PRODUCT
This product is FANTASTIC, makes it so much easier to charge your phone. Also looks very stylish with a sleek design.
Quality original samsung FAST wireless charger
This does what it says on the tin, (well plastic packing.) It offers very fast wireless charging for a range of Samsung devices. There seems to be no loss in speed of charge over the supplied fast plug in charger that comes with your phone. We wanted this as an addition to the plug in charger. A BIG LET DOWN IS YOU GET NO POWER CABLE TO PLUG IT INTO THE MAINS. so you have to use part of your own original charger. MOBILE FUN SHOULD CLEARLY MAKE THIS OBVIOUS BEFORE YOU PURCHASE.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Campbell

We do actually say in the description that no Micro USB charging cable is provided, however the idea is you use your existing mains charger and use the wireless charging pad rather than plugging in directly to your phone.

Hope this helps
Excellent Product
Love this product and it was easy to use. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and this thing worked without any problems like everyone else stated. Overall, I would recommend this for your S7 Edge.
Excellent Product
Love this product and it was easy to use. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and this thing worked without any problems like everyone else stated. Overall, I would recommend this for your S7 Edge.
The charger lives up to its name and is very fast
The charger lives up to its name and is very fast from 25% to 100 in a little over an hour. It is so easy to just lie you phone on the charger with no wires to worry about and no fiddling to put the cable into the bottom of the phone. Another great thing is that if you have a back cover on your phone you can still just lie it on the charger and it charges brilliantly no having to keep taking your cover off which I love as I always have a cover on my phone. A fab very useful piece of kit at a very reasonable price, very impressive and I am a technophobe with most things
Great product and price, perfect company to deal with.
The Wireless Charger is a great addition to my phone, buying it from Mobilefun.co.uk was easy and the best price I could find for the real product. Beware of FAKES, they are dangerous! I could buy from mobilefun with confidence, and that's so important with so many bad imports. Highly recommended product and supplier.

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