Love Mei Powerful Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Protective Case - Black Reviews

Protect your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with one of the toughest and most protective cases on the market, ideal for helping to prevent possible damage from water and dust - this is the black Love Mei Powerful Protective Case.
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Expensive mistake.
I bought this case as it one of very few cases that offer an almost full area of protection. The theory of this case is great, covered in aluminium plating, back and sides...but once in practise, in only a few days the very small screws used to secure it all together fell apart, and the black paint scratched off the aluminium, giving it all a very cheap and beaten up look about it.
There is no protection for the screen neither! I find this idiotic there is no protection for a £300 pound screen! I have gone back to a £9 black leather wallet case, that unlike the lovemei powerful s8 plus case, does offer 100% fall protection.
Great protective case
I love this case it is well made, great protection fits all what I like about case covers
This case is 100% worth the money
This case is 100% worth the money I work on a construction site. Lots of dust dirt and chances of the phone getting damaged. But not with this case. I am so glad i have bought it. Im not proud to say that i have dropped my phone a few times now and the case is not showing no signs of damage at all and also i dont have a screen protector because the sits higher then the screen so i dont have to worry if i put the phone face down.
Buy it if you want to keep your phone safe!
Excellent no issues
Take your time when opening your package everything you need is there... I love my Samsung galaxy s8 plus edge case!! My phone is well protected other than me some how broking the part that cover the charger :(
I dropped it on wood floor no problem but from was from a sitting position. I repeat no regrets in my purchase :)))
Good case nice in design ill be getting somelse take a while to get to u tho
best case for samsung S 8plus
was using the otterbox defender for samsung s8 plus and saw this , have to say , way better case in many ways, looks good, feels good and good quality. covers the s8 plus better back and front specially better the otterbox defender. all i can say is WOW, best ever case i have used so far . would recommend.
build quality excellent .
easy to fit. 6 scres in back pulls it together.
covers sides way better than any case I have used so far.
my only negitive , which is very small is the cover at bottom to cover the usb charge point is weak and could easy be broken off but even if that happens wouldn't matter as the s8 like s7 are water and dust proof so no real advantage to have the cover for usb charge point .
would recommend if you like me want the best possible protection , for me its the LOVE MEI sansung galaxy s8 plus case.
Excellent protection
Good product, first I've seen to have protection around entire phone. Usually on an edge phone the top and bottom have a lip to help protect phone. This product choices the edge sides also there is even a lip on the back to protect camera lens. The only down side is you have to screw it together so in order to change sd card you have to unscrew case and the screws are very tiny easy to lose. Other than that it will definitely protect your phone.

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