Love Mei Powerful Huawei P20 Pro Protective Case - Silver Reviews

Protect your Huawei P20 Pro with one of the toughest and most protective cases on the market, ideal for helping to prevent possible damage from water and dust, this is the silver Love Mei Powerful Protective Case.
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Had one for Sony z5 an now huawei p30 both strong solid and protective
Big, heavy but I bought it for that reason
If you want a case to protect your phone this is it. Tbh I've not used it yet but I bought this for when out in the field. So no risk of it getting smashed around, get covered in mud and dust. I knew the size of it and the weight before I bought it so wasn't a surprise.
very good case. perfect
completely sealed robust case. feels solid in the hand, definitely a good investment.
This Case makes me feel safe about my phone in case if i drop it...
Just is a bit heavier and makes the phone larger... but i like the style, it makes my phone looks more special.
And it comes with an ribbon to hold it, that i love to leave it outside of my pocket... really great.
Will protect my phone, but makes it very heavy and the size of a tablet.
I wanted to ensure that my phone would be adequately protected and it had great ratings. I'm happy with the durability of the case, but I didn't expect a phone case to be so heavy and add so much dimension to the device.It no longer fits in my excercise belt that is meant to hold your phone & keys, nor many pockets, phone tripod, etc.
Fantastic case but big and heavy, OK for a jacket or coat but what to big for jeans pocket, but it does protect your phone.
Solid Construction - Best Available Protection for this Phone
The case is solid and engineered very well. It is on the heavy side, which may be an issue for some, however it doesn't bother me.
Nothing. Service and item were perfect.
Absolutely fantastic case...100%protection ...would definitely recommend this case !!!
How authentic the product is.
Like the way the case completely encases the phone and the glass screen is good
Like the way the case completely encases the phone and the glass screen is good with those points made the case is very bulky and heavy. Cases I've used in the passed for my iPhones were Otterbox and Tech21 which are a lot lighter and not as bulky and they were rubber not metal which I would prefer.
excellent bit of kit
You never made it clear in the product description it had a screen protector, hence buying one to go with it., which I don't need.

can I send it back for a refund - the screen protector?
Great case, bit hefty!
I bought this case as there doesn't seem to be any other full enclosure protective cases for the Huawei P20 pro. It's a great case and works well as I've already dropped the phone from 6ft off my toolbox into a concrete floor with no consequence other than a slight bend on the case which was easily rectified as it's all metal. The only minor down side is it is pretty weighty and makes the phone a good cm wider and taller. Other than that it does everything you want it to.
Very good.
Heavy but keeps phone well protected. Stops phone sliding off everything and I like it. Big, heavy, does just fit in pockets but does the job perfectly.
The screen cracked as soon as I took it out of the box. Can’t send it back as it was my error, but I hardly even touched it. Pretty flimsy if you ask me would not recommend
Screen cracked on first drop
Case looks great, however I dropped it from 2 feet up and the glass screen shattered.
Great case
This case is a great case only downsides are it's heavy and large but saying that it's good quality and robust so exactly what you need to keep your phone safe.

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