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Avantree High Power 2.1A Dual USB Universal In Car Charger Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your tablet and phone charged at the same time when travelling with this 2.1 Amp fast high power dual USB in car charger by Avantree.
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124,49 kr inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 85 customers

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High quality product
As described, will buy ahain with full confidence
Mates rates
Bought this for my friends Corsa and he is delighted with it can charge iPod mobile and skat nav
It Does What It Says On The Box
A small, neat car charger. It has two USB sockets which means two phones could be charged at once.
Excellent charger
Bought to charge ipad2 whilst on sailing Holliday. Worked fine with 12v socket of yacht
USB charger for the other car
Ideal charger for new phones that require usb connection. this one bought for my wife's car so whichever car we use we can charge both phones at the same time. very handy
Purchased this item for my work truck to charge multiple devices and it does so very quickly and with ease.
Purchased this item for my work truck to charge multiple devices and it does so very quickly and with ease.
Just works - Using 2 High Power Draw Devices
I use a Zenfone 5 LTE and Jabra Soulmate speaker with this charger. Both charge perfectly at the same time.

Powerful little charger! Perfect!
Great item!
I was going to get another model as I wanted a good top up during my busy days. Solidly made and works brilliantly! And a good price.
Compact quality product, moderate charge rate
I bought this charger to use with my Galaxy Note 3 when driving with GPS navigation. The navigation app (Sygic) - plus 3G which I leave on - uses quite a lot of power and the phone gets noticeably warm. Previously, with an unbranded charger, the phone would only charge at about 8% per hour (eg. if 1 start with 50% battery charge, and drive with GPS+3G on for 1 hour, I would end with 58% charge). This is because most of the current is used to power the phone, and there is little left over to top up the battery. With the Avantree Dual USB 2.1A, the charging rate increased from 8% to 14% per hour (using the "Samsung Tab" USB port; it has a second USB port called "iPad"). An improvement, yes, but still short of what I wanted. Before buying this I considered the 3.1A model from the same manufacturer. I was scared off by reports that the 3.1A model causes radio interference (static), which is something I cannot live with. The 2.1A model on the other hand causes no radio interference at all, and remains cool. Overall, a compact and good quality product, but depending on the device and the apps you use while driving, it might not supply enough charge.
i bought this because the standard usb plug in a cigar lighter is only 1amp and this discharges the battery in the tab but with a 2.1amp charger it works perfectly.
Very Good
I run my phone's satnav for 8 hours a day and this helps maintains the charge. Ordinary charger outlets gradually let the phone leak charge with intensive use, but this is an exception.
just what I needed
It small not at all bulky perfect for charging two devices at the same time. Gives quick charging time. A great buy.
As promised - fast charging
A well made little charger; very pleased with the charging performance.

Plus prompt delivery from Mobile Fun - recommended.
Fast delivery/ great product
It dispatched half an hour after my order.
Received the next day although it was 48 hours delivery. Exercent product. Highly recommended.
Works perfectly
this was just as it said 'on the tin' - all good, not a single thing ot moan about. Delvery was extremely fast, faster than I expected.
Fantastic quality and value
Does exactly what it days on the tin, looks good, feels good and you can tell it's not cheaply made. I come to mobile fun now to buy "ALL" of the family's gadgets and the prezzies I need at birthdays and Xmas as with mobile fun you know what your going to get quality items that will last a life time. Happy happy happy :)
Great, finaly a charger that works
I have tried a number of chargers for my Note 2, some wired and some USB like this. Most will charge the phone if its not being used.

If you use the phone for google navigation though they can't pump in the power quickly enough and you only end up slowing down the power loss.

This one though charges my phone while it is being used as a satnav so that its fully charged when I arrive.
Does what it says
The adapter did what it said on the very easy to open box. Charged my iPhone 5C which was being used as a sat nav. Usually the sat nav function drains the battery but the charger kept it fully topped up.The tree frog also from Mobile Fun also worked a treat.
Just what I needed
I had a Dual USB Car Charger before this one. It was much bigger and it was great for what I needed. But it got hot very easily and one day it just overheated and broke.

I looked online and found this one. It's so much better. Great price. It's smaller AND it doesn't get hot at all. It seems to charge my things very quickly too. It has labels that say "iPad/Others" and "Sam Tab/Others" next to the USB ports but just ignore them, it doesn't matter which port you plug your USB cable into. I drive a lot and so this is really useful when I've had a long day with a long drive home and my phone is dead.

In conclusion, I highly recommend it for anyone who is in need of a car charger. Even for those who only usually charge one thing, it doesn't hurt to have another port available.
Ideal charger
Great neat product, Small, easy to store away and works well too. Bought 2, one for my car and one for my wife's, and all we need to do is keep a couple of USB cables in the cars, of which we have many.
Excellent piece of kit ...
This dual USB car charger is so useful for charging on the go ....

Sat navs, I-phones, anything with a usb plug, very useful if the charge is low, or if you have forgotten to charge. Charging on the go in the car is easy and effortless with this item.

Very pleased with the speed of dispatch, and notification of dispatch via sms ...

Altogether excellent all round !!!!!
Welcome replacement for my previous device.
This was a welcome replacement device for the one I had been using for a couple of years now. I needed a device from which I could operate two units on a busy Saturday night Taxiing and this filled the bill. Thank you.
I use 3 devices and being out and about a lot need to keep my devices charged. I suffered from slow charging on IPad and Galaxy saw this and thought worth a try! Fantastic I can now keep all units charged on journeys I make.
The charger itself is stylish and meets the claims it makes a fantastic unit I clearly place highly in the list of must haves!!!!
If you suffer slow charging whilst travelling in a vehicle I would highly recommend you give this unit a go - if it doesn't work I'd be surprised and check the alternator output before writing it off - great I got a second one!!!
Just what my wife needed
The positioning of the socket in my car it is ideal, items can be always on charged and paired with the blue tooth in the car, I know that children have toys to keep them amused on long journeys. I am sure that many men would agree that their other halves need to be amused as well.
Does what it says on the tin!
Nice, compact item, working well in the car. Only tried mobile phones in it so far, & does the job it's designed for.
Additional very useful stuff
I purchased a double 12V outlet in car adaptor to use in my off roading adventures and it has been just what was needed. It doesn't stick out to far as some do and so get knocked and the charging stops this little joker stays where it is plug until you remove it, Great addition to the useful stuff bag.
Good Product
It charged both of my phones no problem.
great product
Exactly perfect for the job
Avantree High Power 2.1A Dual USB Universal Car Charger.
just what I needed, I have wanted
a double USB that works for quite some time, at last I found what I wanted.
Good Product
Good charger works with both are phones, IPhone 5s & Samsung S4
Just wot I always wanted
What a smart little gismo, small and perfectly formed, does exactly as the ad said. Don't know what I did before this smart little cookie.
First Class
So far I have only had the opportunity to make use of the charger a couple of times. However, it does appear to cope well when required to charge multiple devices. Will certainly recommend it to friends.
Spot on
I ordered a in car charger with USB style ports, it was dispatched very quickly an arrived in no time at all, the item was very packaged and was exactly as described and looks far more expensive than it was. Great product, great price, great delivery time. All in all I have had a great shopping experience with mobile fun.co.uk and fully intend to sing their praises to my friends and use them again. I highly recommend these guys for your mobile needs
Bang on
This powers my ipone 5 and iPad at the same time no probs
It take about the same time to charge as it does at home.
Finally I can charge my phone whilst using it as a satnav
worth every penny. it has enough ompf to charge my phon whilst using it as a satnav. th stock.weedy ones off ebay arent worth it. very happy
life saver
Needed this foe a camping trip and needed it quickly, it works great with my iphone 5 and ipad 2 and I use the bottom point for my other portable speakers...

10/10 really no B------T
Great for charging things on the go
Really useful quick charging for two Krebs on the go solved the problem of only being able to charge over thing at a time.
charges my phone while it is in my holder. it keeps up with the power draw that using navigation puts on my device. while other chargers weren't able to keep pace, this one is able to outperform them. It also works better than my car's USB charging port
Two for the space of one. Two charging points for one socket
A car charger that can double up for both my tablet and my phone. One piece of kit to do the work of two saving me space and making it much more convenient. All at a very low cost.
Good usb power outlet for when you need to double up,small size means can store easily and leds show when in usebut dont distract driver.
Effective charger
I have only used this charger to charge my Nexus 7 on its own so it gets the full 2.1 amps while running satnav.apps.which rapidly drain the battery because the screen is always on. It is up to the job, increasing the level of battery charge at the same time as supporting the screen in always on mode. It seems to run rather hot.
I really wanted the 3.1 amp version but was unwilling to wait 3-4 weeks. I am unlikely to use this charger to charge my Nexus 7 and another device because I suspect the charge available to the Nexus 7 will be insufficient to prevent battery depletion while running satnav.apps.
Perfect for charging in the car
I use this with a standard Apple data cable and it charges my iPhone 4S and my other half's iPhone 4 at the same time. Perfect.
Both ports work perfectly when the correct cable is used
Just thought I'd share this information in case anybody else finds that the top port doesn't work with their phone.

When using my Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, the bottom port marked as "Sam Tab/Others" works perfectly with a standard fully wired USB cable and charges in AC mode, but the top port marked as "iPad/Others" didn't work with a standard fully wired USB cable.
For the top port to work with my S3 Mini, it needed a USB charger cable (the ones with the data wires shorted for pins 2 and 3 - green and white - these cables do not allow data transfer, only charging).
Once one of these charger cables was used, my S3 Mini was able to charge in AC mode from the top connection
Now I can charge 2 devices while travelling in the car so no arriving with no phone and nothing to read!! Magic and it arrived within 24hrs!! Keep up the good work
Great in car USB charger
looking for a great USB charger look no further - this charger is great and quick compared to others I've used.
Good quality I tried when I got it (delivered fast as usual fom mobile fun ) I was out and needed to charge the work iphone5 and my IPad expecting a slow charge rate I was surprised just how quick it put a good charge in allowing use and I don't mean a quick call I used the phone for ages and still had power left.
having tried it with these I also used on Samsung galaxy again the charge input was quick .
I recommend it if you need a dual USB charger it's a great bit of kit
Really disappointed!
The delivery from MobileFun was excellent and prompt.

Unfortunately the same can not be said for the product. Within one week the charger/adapter had burnt out leaving the car with an unpleasant smell and an adapter that no longer worked.

I expected a lot more from this product!
Excellent and Compact Charger for Samsung Tab
Well made and high current power charger for Samsung Note 10.1 Tablet. Ipad outle charges other devices but not Tablet, whilst dedicated Samsung USB socket works a treat. Would certainly buy product and use mobilefun again.
Highly recommended
Purchased this to replace my old charger that was always in the way obstructing the gear lever and to have two charging points.
Very happy with my purchase, as it meets both my needs perfectly.
This product was a major disappointment. Plugged into car and would not work at all. Service from mobile fun was great, but the charger itself simply does not work!
Great little charger
Small, compact and fits into the most awkward location of 12v charging points. Cheap too for what I think is a good looking, good quality product
Great things come in little packages.
Great things come in little packages, never a truer saying for this super little gadget. Just use this in the car as it can charge two items at once, and like other car charges it does not stick out and get in the way. As always Mobile Fun newest and inovative products for people on the go. Thanks.
It works
The standard HTC car charger simply did not charge my HTC Desire HD, this does.
Compact and exactly what I wanted
It's small enough to not be an instruction near the gear stick and also means it doesn't need to be removed when not in place. I bought this for flexibility of nearly any gadget that charges via a USB point, perfect for me
Not used this device in earnest yet. However, it certainly beats the previous charger. This outputs enough current for the more demanding devices. Using my old charger, using SatNav and Glympse at the same time drained the battery faster than it could charge. No such problems here - running intensive apps and still charging the device. Yet to try adding an Apple device in the mix but don't see why it'd be a problem.

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