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Arkon Water-Resistant Bike Mount & Case for Smartphones Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Designed for most straight, drop, trekking, and touring size handlebars, the Arkon Water-Resistant Bike Mount & Case for Smartphones allows you to place your device on your handlebars in either landscape or portrait orientation.
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 4.4 stars from 38 customers

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Works perfect!!
Put this on my ATV so I can navigate and it works perfect! Keeps my phone protected and dry, also allows me to press buttons through the case! Thank you!!
Good kit
I use this for mounting a mobile on a motorbike to display navigation. It was simple to mount, and so far does exactly what I want. Easy to use. A clear display. It claims to be water resistant, but provided the power lead entry and zip toggles are at the lowest point it seems better than that. I cannot yet comment on the longer term durability.
Bought for my snowmobile
I bought this for my snowmobile to run the gps trail mapping system on my phone while riding. I can't see any reason that it won't be just as awesome on a snowmobile as it would be on a motorcycle. I'm looking forward to trying it out in the next few weeks.
Works great
Fitted my CB1100RS just fine. Sturdy mount & appears waterproof so far.
Good product
Good product and service.
Very good Product
It is an amazing bike mount. works perfectly and fully waterproof
Great item
All in all great purchase fast delivery
Excellent product
Excellent product and quick delivery.
Excellent product
Excellent product and quick delivery.
Fits great
Excellent. Just what I wanted. Fits great.
Ok alternative to Ram
I was surprised in the tough manufacturing of the case. However - I do believe more metal and less plastic for the mounting items. The plastic face is good - but I can't see a thing through it on sunny days, and the touch does not work well with glasses with gloves. My major concern is the zipper - if that goes, it's done. I would like it a bit wider to fit the iPhone in its case. Right now it's a struggle to close.
Fits perfect to Motorcycle handle bar and the touch screen works great through the case
The fitment to my FZ1 handlebar is perfect and secure. My phone, Nokia Lumia 1020, which I use as my Sat Nav,fits great inside the case and is clear through the cover. You are still able to use the touch screen as if it wasn't inside the case, its still just as responsive. The ball joint is great to move the case right where you need it.

I've used it in the rain a few times and the inside of the case has stayed dry.

This is a must piece of kit at a great price.
perfect for my golf trolley
Its fully waterproof fits all golf trolleys
I purchased this item for my golf trolley and rangefinder app. I haven't put it through its paces yet but everything so far is so good. Touch screen works and the attachment to the golf trolley is spot on. Will see if it can cope with the stresses and strains of the uneven terrains of golf, should be ok. It was built for bikes. Top purchase so far.
Great value
Great price easy to mount and take of
Great bit of kit
Used this for two weeks and so far it's great.
Easy to fit to the bike and a doddle to use with the phone my only gripe is having to unzip it to use any phone features
Great Product
Recently got this for a long bike ride, wanted to use my phone as a sat nav and needed a holder.

This worked well and we did have a small downpour and it seems to stay waterproof.

Condensation was a small issue but i placed a few of those packs you get with most electrical things which seemed to do the trick.

One product i did have was my boardman bike the stem seemed to be slightly larger than what i would say would be compatibly with this but i just managed to get it on without snapping it.

Great product and withstood everything i could throw at it.

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