4Smarts Drop Screen 2-in-1 Universal Display Cleaner- Grey/15ml Reviews

This innovative 2-in-1 screen cleaning kit guarantees a spotless smartphone screen with easy application and flexible construction. 4smarts is alcohol, ammonia and phosphate-free.
  • Mobile Fun ID 73283

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Not as exclusive as I was led to believe
Nice little product which does the job well. However I happened to be in a shop recently & saw the same product but different brand for a few dollars less!
I use a touch screen laptop and it gets very smudged the 4smarts 2in1 Display Cleaner is by far the best of the many cleaning products I have used and by far the easiest to use. Works great on all my screens.
Great glass cleaner for phone and computer
The product is really good for cleaning mobile phone screens and computer screens. The spray with a separate microfiber cloth is needed for specticles (glasses) as the one on the bottle does not follow glasses lens contours.

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