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Roxfit Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra Slim Standing Book Case - Gold / Black


Product part number: URB5179G

Product reference: 66139

This officially licensed gold / black standing book case by Roxfit houses the Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra within a slim frame, which includes an ultra-high quality protective shell and a super-slim PU front flap. Comes with a handy horizontal stand function.

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Roxfit Sony Xperia X Premium Slim Book Case - Black

Ultra-high quality construction

The Roxfit Slim Standing Book Case for Xperia XA2 Ultra features the Roxfit's signature ultra-slim shell, and sports a tough, yet slender metallic-style PU (polyurethane) front flap. The inner lining of the screen cover flap is super-soft, ensuring it is always protected from scrapes and scratches.

Built-in horizontal stand feature

The book case features a built in horizontal stand feature which enables you to watch movies, TV or your own videos in a comfortable position.

Talk with the front flip cover open or closed

Roxfit Slim Standing Book Case has been ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. With this in mind, Roxfit Book Case allows you to have your conversations with either the front flip cover open or closed, which puts you in control. The front facing cutout for the earpiece will ensure an unobstructed and high quality sound.

Fully 'Made for Xperia' licensed and branded

This case has been tested and licensed by Sony Mobile, and to reflect that, it has been embossed with the 'Made for Xperia' branding so you know you are getting genuine quality. The case has been specifically designed for the Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra, so you can be assured of an excellent build quality and perfect fit.

Full access to all functions and features 

Despite its premier finish, the case still embodies perfect functionality for you to be able to utilise the full potential of your device. The case even includes special cut-outs for the rear facing camera, so you never miss an opportunity to your capture memorable pictures.

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