Goobay MFi Lightning Gooseneck Charge and Sync Cable & Stand - Black


Product reference: 65649

Charge and sync any Lightning device with this ultra-resilient 30cm MFi gooseneck cable from Goobay. Flexible, durable and able to sustain the weight of an iPhone easily, this cable is the only companion you need for charging and syncing your device.

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Ultra-strong 30cm charge and sync cable

So, you've invested in a premium quality Apple device. So why not use a Lightning cable that matches the design ethos and build quality of that device? Featuring an ultra-strong gooseneck design, you can be assured that this cable is built to last and performs perfectly.

Goobay MFi Lightning Gooseneck Charge and Sync Cable - Black

Gooseneck design doubles as an iPhone stand

Due to the quality gooseneck construction, the Goobay Gooseneck Cable is incredibly sturdy, doubling as a stand and allowing you to view and interact with your device even while it charges or syncs.

Goobay MFi Lightning Gooseneck Charge and Sync Cable - Black

30cm for maximum convenience

Enjoy all the convenience and freedom you need for charging and syncing your device with this cable that features an impressive 30cm length. Not too long that it gets in the way of anything and long enough to suit most needs.

Designed for connection of iPhone / iPod / iPad to USB supported devices

Designed to connect Lightning devices including iPhones, iPads and iPods - the Goobay Gooseneck Cable is ideal for charging and syncing your devices.

Allows simultaneous charging and syncing of your Lightning device

This high quality 30cm cable allows you to connect your Lightning device to your laptop or desktop PC in order to charge your phone and exchange / sync data simultaneously.

Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod Apple Certification

Made for iPhone Certfication

With the 'Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod' certification, you can be sure the Goobay cable is fully compatible with your device, while also adhering to all of Apple's guidelines. This ensures your cable is of the very best quality, designed specifically for the Apple Lightning products and meeting all of Apple's performance standards. What's more you'll never receive a pesky compatibility message as you might with non-MFi accessories.