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Official OnePlus 3 Dash Charge Cable - 1m

Official OnePlus 3 Dash Charge Cable - 1m


Product reference: 64264

This dash charging designed cable allows you to connect your OnePlus 3 smartphone to a compatible dash charging mains charger or power bank for super fast charging speeds. Can also transfer data between your phone and computer.

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Additional information

Compatible with Dash Charge for super fast charging speeds

Dash Charge has been developed by OnePlus so that your OnePlus 3 can make use of significantly faster charging speeds. 

Faster charging is important because we are consistently seeing more powerful devices introduced all the time. Larger, high-definition displays, multi-core CPUs, and 4G contribute to a better mobile experience, but may also have a tendency to utilise the battery at a faster rate. To keep up with the increased power demand, larger batteries are often required. Bigger batteries provide more endurance, but they also take much longer to charge too.

Dash Charge is designed to reduce the time wasted by reducing the amount of time it takes to recharge when a Dash Charge enabled device is paired with a Dash Charge compatible charger, power bank or car charger. This could mean that your device could charge up to a day's worth of power in just 30 minutes!

USB 2.0 for fast transfer speeds of 480Mb/s

Supporting USB 2.0, the USB-C cable supports fast transfer speeds so you can copy photos, videos, documents and other files quickly and easily.

Charges from any powered USB port

Not only can you charge using super fast Dash Charge compatible chargers, but you can also use your computer, laptop, USB mains adapter or any other powered USB port to charge your device at regular charging speeds.

Official OnePlus accessory

As this is an official OnePlus accessory, you can be sure of the very best quality - designed specifically for your OnePlus 3.



Length: 1m

OnePlus: 3

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