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Official Samsung Micro USB to USB-C Adapter Triple Pack - White


Product part number: EE-GN930KWEGWW

Product reference: 63530

This handy and extremely portable adapter from Samsung allows you to connect all of your Micro USB cables, docks and other accessories to your USB-C smartphone. This triple pack offers three adapters, ensuring you'll never be without one in a pinch.

"Really handy adaptors"
"Handy adapter"

Most useful customer reviews

Luke baker

22 Maj 2017
Time from purchase to delivery was quite good better then other other online shopping sites;quality was excellent

Alan watson

Samsung galaxy s8
21 Maj 2017
Really handy adaptors
Really handy adaptors these , no need for new chargers . Fit very tight so no fear of loosing them . Highly recommended for anyone that's recently bought a galaxy s8 and only has the micro USB chargers.

Tax chowdhury

S8 plus
7 Maj 2017
Handy adapter
Great handy adapters.saved me from buying new usb leads

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Additional information

Triple pack offers convenience and value

With this triple pack of Micro USB to USB-C adapters, you can be sure you'll never need to be without your Micro USB devices. Whether you're charging with a power bank, syncing data with a cable or connecting any number of Micro USB devices to your phone, these adapters have you covered.

There are three adapters in this pack - so you could, for example, use one at home, one at work and one as a spare which travels with you. There are many ways to use this triple pack, but the convenience and value is undeniable.

Converts your existing Micro USB accessories to USB-C

Convert your existing Micro USB cables and connectors to USB-C (USB Type C) with the Samsung Micro USB to USB-C Adapter. Ensure your collection of Micro USB cables, docks and other accessories are compatible with the latest USB-C devices. 

Official Samsung Micro USB to USB C Adapter - White

Use existing Micro USB cables and chargers

This handy Micro USB to USB-C adapter lets you connect a cable or charger with a Micro USB connector to any USB-C compatible device. 

Official Samsung Micro USB to USB C Adapter - White

This allows you to use existing Micro USB charges and sync cables, connect to mains or in-car chargers or connect to your PC or Mac with a USB cable to transfer data.

Charge and Sync compatible

Not only charge your device, synchronise data as well between your computer and your USB-C device. Transfer photos, videos and backup data from your USB-C phone or tablet to ensure your media and files are in a safe place.

Official Samsung Micro USB to USB C Adapter - White

Small size lets you take it with you anywhere

This official Samsung adapter is incredibly small and compact, so you can take it with you anywhere you take your USB-C device.

Perfect for converting Micro USB power banks to USB-C

Use your existing power banks and emergency chargers that feature a built-in Micro USB connection and convert them to USB-C with this adapter. Breathing new life into your older Micro USB charging accessories, you can be sure that the Micro USB To USB-C Adapter will add additional compatibility to your power banks.

Official Samsung product

With this being a genuine Samsung adapter, you can be assured of the highest quality and ultra reliability, as well as compatibility with your phone and all its accessories.

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