Ghostek Covert HTC 10 Bumper Case - Clear


Product part number: GHOCAS426

Product reference: 59653

The Covert Protective bumper case in clear from Ghostek comes complete with a tough tempered glass screen protector to provide your HTC 10 with fantastic all round protection, whilst highlighting its superb design.

Additional information

Complete all round protection for your HTC 10

Providing total protection for your HTC 10, the Covert Protective Bumper Case from Ghostek wraps your phone from head to toe in order to keep it safe from the rigors of day to day use. The case's strong and durable design combined with the included tempered glass screen protector offers fantastic resistance and sublime style. The whole case is designed around a shock-absorbing frame designed to direct shock force around and away from your phone, greatly reducing the risk of damage.

Ghostek Covert HTC 10 Bumper Case - Clear

Reinforced bumpers on corners for extra shock-absorbency

On the vulnerable and exposed corners of the phone are reinforced bumpers with springs that absorb force from any drop or collision.

Ghostek Covert HTC 10 Bumper Case - Clear

Tempered glass screen protector included

Completing the full body protection is a special tempered glass screen protector. Easy to apply and extremely rugged, this glass protector provides the same feeling as your screen whilst offering the toughest protection available.

Ghostek Covert HTC 10 Bumper Case - Clear

Access to ports and features 

The Ghostek Covert Protective Case optimises functionality to all of the HTC 10's ports and features. The case features buttons while the headphone port, charging port and camera are fully accessible for easy use.

Ghostek Covert HTC 10 Bumper Case - Clear

HTC: 10