Rhino Shield Sony Xperia Z3 Front & Back Screen Protector


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Fully protect your Sony Xperia Z3’s screen and back from scratches, hits, drops, dust, dirt and fingerprints with the extreme, highly transparent Rhino Shield screen protector.

"Rhino Shield saved my phone"

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Alex Lloyd

Xperia Z3
1 April 2015
Rhino Shield saved my phone
I'd just purchased my Xperia Z3 and I knew that I had to get a screen protector to protect my new investment. Undoubtedly expensive for a screen protector, but it soon paid itself off. Whilst in college, my phone slipped out of my pocket and landed face first on concrete. I thought that my screen was a goner, but I picked it up and there was absolutely no damage whatsoever, thanks to Rhino Shield. A normal, flimsy screen protector would not have saved my phone from the same drop. Would you rather pay the money for this screen protector to prevent your device's screen from damage or possibly 10x that for a screen repair? The only downside to it is, due to being slightly thicker than your average flimsy protector, tends to collect more dust around it's edges, but it's nothing an occasional wipe with a cloth wont solve. Buy this, your wallet will thank you in the long term.

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Additional information

Highly impact-absorbent

Render your Sony Xperia Z3’s screen and back practically invincible to all extremities that everyday life could possibly throw at it by applying the Rhino Shield Front & Back Screen Protector, which absorbs five times more impact energy than Gorilla glass.

Full body protection covers the front and back of your Z3

Designed to protect your entire device, this full body Rhino Shield Screen Protector set includes front and rear protectors. These ensure that your screen and the smooth glass finished back surface of your Xperia Z3 are protected from scuffs and scratches.

Incredibly easy to install

Applying the Rhino Shield could not be easier, as the self-adhesive silicone sticks to the screen and stays there exactly as it is meant to, so no more sticky residue or air bubbles.

Just 0.029mm thick!

Despite its outstanding shock-absorbing properties, the Rhino Shield is incredible slim measuring just 0.029mm thick - making it unbelievably discreet and almost unnoticeable. Furthermore, the screen protector features exceptional transparency and keeps your screen responsive at the same time. You will hardly be able to tell if it’s on!

Fingerprint and dirt-resistant

The Rhino Shield screen protector prevents fingerprints and dirt from impeding your Xperia Z3's screen clarity, so you can enjoy your Z3's stunning display without horrid marks distracting and getting in the way.

Full Sony Xperia Z3 screen compatibility

Specifically designed to fit the Sony Xperia Z3's screen perfectly, the Rhino Shield is the ideal screen protector to protect your device's sharp screen.

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