Moshi iVisor iPhone 6S / 6 Glass Screen Protector - Black


Product part number: 99MO075007

Product reference: 50508

Designed for the iPhone 6S / 6, the black iVisor Glass Screen Protector from Moshi has been designed to protect your display while ensuring the iPhone screen maintains the highest possible level of fingertip sensitivity and clarity.

"Top class"
"Brilliant! Best screen protector ever!"

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John Day

iPhone 6s
31 Marts 2016
Top class
Good deal, well pleased

John Hindley

iPhone 6S
14 Marts 2016
Have been a repeat customer for Moshi's products each time I upgrade my iPhone. Lots of fake products out there so buying from Mobile Fun, an approved supplier means you get what you're paying for, which is simply the best screen protector out there. Fantastically easy to apply and great protection for your iPhone


iPhone 6s
26 Januar 2016
Brilliant! Best screen protector ever!
Took delivery of my new iPhone 6s a week ago and wanted to make sure that my new phone screen is protected. Ordered one of these and applied it today. Really easy to apply to the screen, no bubbles, much better than any plastic or film screen protector that I've used before. When this is on the screen you can't notice it is on the phone at all. The screen looks like the original phone screen. Very slight loss of sensitivity, but really not noticeable at all. Swipe action etc is all fine, just have to press the screen marginally harder on some occasions. However, this is a very small trade off to have the screen protected and looking this good! I would definitely buy one of these again!

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Additional information

Atomically-strengthened glass screen protector with exceptional clarity

Completely shock-proof, bubble-proof and incredibly scratch-resistant, the iVisor Glass screen protector is practically a bullet-proof vest for your iPhone 6S / 6's precious touchscreen. Unlike other screen protectors that require a tedious installation process, iVisor's proprietary design allows for a flawless, bubble-free installation in seconds.

Moshi iVisor iPhone 6S / 6 Glass Screen Protector - Black    Moshi iVisor iPhone 6S / 6 Glass Screen Protector - Black

Up to 40% thinner than generic glass screen protectors

With its mere 0.3 mm thickness and rounded edges, iVisor Glass perfectly blends in and virtually disappears with the top of your device. Once installed, you won't notice any difference in screen clarity and touch sensitivity. What you'll find instead, is peace of mind knowing that your iPhone's screen is protected at all times by the best there is.

Moshi iVisor iPhone 6S / 6 Glass Screen Protector - Black

100% bubble-proof, shock-proof and scratch-resistant

iVisor Glass is made from a special type of glass that is atomically-strengthened and exhibits exceptional hardness exceeding that of tempered steel. This makes its surface nearly impossible to scratch, even with a knife. 

Oleophobic surface-coating provides fingerprint resistance

With an oleophobic surface-coating, fingerprint marks will be greatly reduced so your beautifully clear screen can be viewed without visual distractions.

Perfectly rounded edges and cut-outs for a comfortable grip and feel

The perfectly rounded edges ensure you enjoy a pleasant and comfortable grip of your iPhone 6S / 6 and the cut-outs provide access to the 'Home' button while ensuring the front speaker, camera and sensors are not blocked in any way.

Also Touch ID compatible!

Microfibre cloth included

Also included is a microfibre cloth, to clean away any dust particles on the iPhone 6S / 6's screen before application.