DiCAPac Universal Waterproof Case for Tablets up to 10.1" - Pink


Product part number: WP-T20-Pink

Product reference: 45623

The DiCAPac Universal Waterproof Case for Tablets in pink is a protective case providing 100% tablet waterproofing and touchscreen operation up to a size of 10.1 inches for activities that require near water or even underwater adventures.

Additional information

100% Waterproof case for up to 10.1" tablets

When swimming, surfing, kayaking, fishing, snorkelling, skiing and various other outdoor activities - you want to share this supremely adventurous moment by taking a photo or capturing a video. Wearing the DiCAPac for your tablet, you can do just that while protecting your device yet still operating its key functions.

Made of non-toxic materials, the DiCAPac 100% Universal Waterproof Tablet Case allows you to take your Tablet with you in otherwise inhospitable environments while still providing touchscreen control.

DiCAPac 100% Universal Waterproof up to 10.1    DiCAPac 100% Universal Waterproof up to 10.1

Highest grade JIS IPX8 waterproof rating

All DiCAPac products have passed Japan's rigorous JIS IPX8 test and are all waterproof certified at the highest possible grade (grade 8).

Tested and passed up to 16ft an underwater lab test and actual real-life conditions. This means you can be assured your tablet can be taken within the DiCAPac case up to 16ft (5 metres) underwater for long periods of time and capture those precious moments.

Not just protection against water

Not only does the DiCAPac 100% Universal Waterproof Tablet Case protect your device from water damage, but it also offers protection from dust, sand and even snow. Take your tablet on the beach, outside in the rain or on a cold snowy day - all with assurance that your device is protected from the elements.

Clear photos and clear view of your tablet display

Designed to allow full functionality of your tablet and includes a high-clarity surface that is manufactured to offer unbeatable protection for your tablet screen without impairing the screen brightness or clarity.  

Not only that, but your photos and videos will remain sharp and clear as it captures through a specially designed polycarbonate portion of this case.

Floats in water

So you can easily locate your device, the case will lightly float in the water so you can easily retrieve it should it escape your grip.

Supports use of your touchscreen while in the case

As well as providing protection and visibility of your device, the DiCAPac supports full use of your touchscreen while in the case. This is ideal for texting, web browsing, checking e-mails and capturing photos & video - all while your tablet is fully protected from water and other elements.

Hear audio through the case

Even though the case is waterproof, you can still hear audio playback through the protective cover. This means you can enjoy the sounds your tablet plays during a game, or even take part in a Skype or other VoIP software conversation.

Hand strap included

Carry your tablet with ease with the 100% universal Waterproof Tablet Case, which includes a handy secure strap so you can ensure your tablet is always close by.



  • Size W × H: 200mm × 275mm